Last week we got some great coverage from WPIX and some of the responses to it have been quite positive. On a personal note: we agree with everything being said in the interview, though calling it a “smear campaign” misses the point. We wouldn’t be here if things were taken care of.

Did you know about the bed bugs in 102 St. Marks?

"I have lots of problems with Jakobson in the 5 months that I have lived in New York.

First of all when I signed the lease it said that there were no reported issues of bed bugs in building in the last year. Two months later a letter comes in saying that due to a technical error the wrong box was checked there was in fact a bed bug infestation in apartment #8 (102 St Marks Pl). I know that this is a lie and in no way a technical error. What could possibly be the technical error of clicking the wrong box on the computer? Also, clicking the wrong box could have been understandable if they just told us that the computer wasn’t letting the click the right box. I wonder if the new tenant in apartment #8 even knows they had a bed bug infestation.

Also, our building has no buzzer, which I am hearing is illegal and easily fixed with a day of electrical work. This is extremely inconvenient for me. I can’t get packages delivered and I have to pay to pick them up each time from a local post shop. I can’t let friends, guests, workers, delivery men, etc. into my building meaning that if I am getting groceries delivered I have to wait at home for them to call me or look our the window to see if they are here for the entire window of delivery time.

I know my roommates and I have other issues so I will email them in after we discuss it.”

(anonymous via email)

Bad Monday

Some of the stories coming in via twitter:

"I HAVE NO RUNNING WATER. 34 e. 7th St. It was randomly shut off last night."

"Building workers set off my roof’s alarm at 7:30 and it’s still blaring an hour later. The worst. cc @NOFEERENTALSNYC"

No fix, but door left open

"My room mate’s radiator is falling over (literally) & they said someone would come over on Thanksgiving. When we got back, my door was open & I closed it before I left, her radiator was still falling over & her light was on the WHOLE ENTIRE TIME. We all left for Thanksgiving & this guy named Eduardo said that he couldn’t find out apartment keys & no one was here so they’d have someone over here tomorrow but SOMEONE DID COME. SO WHY ARE THEY LYING?! When I first moved in, I put my shoes in the closet & I found this nasty bug eating at my super expensive shoes that cost over $150 & they didn’t do shit, they never even cleaned our apartment before we moved in & the apartment was listed for 2 months….."

(via twitter)

What? Get charged $10 per day if *you* fix your locks!


Thank you for doing all of this, its great to see someone finally who has the balls to make a deal of his disgusting service.

-We have been living in his building on 11th st for 8 months now, we were initially told it was very quiet and after months of being kept up at night, living across the road from Webster Hall we have complained and he says its your fault you signed the lease.

-The building is poorly maintained and not looked after.

-They sent a letter out the other week saying we lost your house key, please go make a copy of it and bring it in to the office or we will charge you $10 a day…yep!

Hope that helps!”

(anonymous via email)

I am currently dealing with a leaking roof/ceiling at […]. The problem started during Hurricane Irene back in August and as of today Jakobson has still not fixed anything, reduced our rent, or reimbursed us for our damaged property. They have now stopped responding to our emails. Feel free to add our photos to the tumbler page.
Thanks for starting the site.”
(anonymous via email)


I am currently dealing with a leaking roof/ceiling at […]. The problem started during Hurricane Irene back in August and as of today Jakobson has still not fixed anything, reduced our rent, or reimbursed us for our damaged property. They have now stopped responding to our emails. Feel free to add our photos to the tumbler page.

Thanks for starting the site.”

(anonymous via email)

We are not alone and moving out is not the answer

This came via email yesterday. Note that this is *not* about any Jakobson property. But does highlight that Jakobson is not an exception and that “just moving out” is not solving anything. Landlords need to be held accountable.

"You think you have it BAD??? I live at [redacted], which was purchased by UBS ( the Swiss Bank ) last year. They are now demolishing the building with 9 existing rent stabilized tenants in it. PURE HELL EVERY DAY. The lobby flooded. Tenants apartments have water damage. We hear non stop demolition noise from 7:00 on. One of my neighbors is a 96 year old woman who went without heat. The building is cold as air cond. units are missing as well as windows. And there is much more."

(via email)

Another video of a leak, this time it’s a radiator. Apparently it took 58 emails back and forth over 2 months to have a maintenance person come and “fix” it by leveling it with a ceramic tile! Other issues: being locked IN your apartment (that’s a new one).

From the email:

"Hi there…

A video from my bedroom radiator leak last year attached here. Jacobson Properties and I have an amazing 58 emails back and forth from January 15 to March 20th with promises that the problem would be resolved…immediately. The problem was finally “solved” when a maintenance man arrived with a broken ceramic tile and placed it under neither the radiator to level it.

On another note:

Only 2 of our stove burners work.

Our toilet has broken 3 times since 2010

Our apartment door lock broke…locking us, IN the apartment.

Our building front door lock broke…locking us all OUT of the apartment (our building door remained OPEN and UNLOCKED for 2 weeks)

Feel free to post the video - My roommates and I love your site and have been hysterical laughing passing around all the press it’s getting.”

Anon: More leaks and attitude from maintenance crew

"Hello my name is ———

I am one of the residents in [EV Jakobson building]. I got your card in the mail today and decided to email you about some issues that I have been having with the apt. So Ive been living here a little over a year now (renewed my lease in september) around june of this year my light started to not turn on all the time. Sometimes it would other times it would take like 10 minutes after first turning on the switch before it would actually turn on. I changed the light bulb didn’t do anything they said change it to a lower watt bulb did that still didn’t do anything.

Finally when my toilet was leaking water and the repair guy needed to come over for a few other reasons in OCTOBER! he took a look at it mentioned it was not “a high risk situation like a leak or anything” took the panel off the wall and smelled it to see if it was shorted out then decided it wasn’t. Then when it wouldn’t turn on for him he decided that the fuse was in fact most likely blown. Replaced the switch it worked for about 3 weeks and its now doing it again. Called them up they said they would be around the next day, good i would be home. Never showed. Almost a month later random calls to see when they will be by and whenever they say they will come around they never will.

About a week and a half ago I get a txt from my roommate who came home late to water dripping from our ceiling. He put a bucket under it and i called the next day to have the guy come around to see what the hell was going on. We found out that the apartment upstairs toilet ad overflown and the maintenance guy was actually standing in my “kitchen” on a walkie talkie and said “so basically she has shit water in her apartment” I mean WHAT?! I know its true but seriously. Talk about that with your friends later. He said he was going to fix the upstairs apartment and then fix ours at 3 (this was at like 11am) I had to leave so I told my roommate the maintenance guy never came back. Saw him in the stairs the next day brought it up again and he said that they were having a lot of floods. still hasnt been fixed.

But all the crap thats happened they just seem to brush off like its nothing or not important. like 5 months ago it took them an entire month to fix my mailbox. I told them i wasnt going to pay my rent until i got it fixed within 2 days of me saying that to them, what do you know mail box door is back on. Not a perfect fix though but it held on for like 3 months.

They need to get their shit together, hire more repair men.

Also they just need to care more. I could rant more but I think this is enough.”

Agreed. Enough is enough. Try reaching out to Jakobson again, see if they are more willing to help out now. Let us know how it goes.

(via email)

We got covered by the Gothamist!

Link is here:

"… However, it will probably take many more tweets and considerably more shame to have Jakobson working like a well-oiled machine doing its job as required by law. …" Very true. Please keep the tweets and stories coming!

Related responses from the twitterverse:

@JDuPont: Wish @Jakobson_fix_it had been around when they were my landlord. Also, this is why I love #sm. via @gothamist

@zetgem: My very first NYC landlord is being taken to task on twitter for mistreatment of tenants. @Jakobson_Fix_It Ah, nostalgia.

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